10 rules for car care

10 rules for car care

A few simple rules will help you keep your car in excellent condition.

1. Washing.

This is very important. If your car is washed poorly, with streaks, then sooner or later the paintwork will deteriorate, the car will stop shining and even after washing it will have a careless appearance. It is best to wash your car in the same place where they know you and hope for your next visit. Do not use automatic contact washers, which are often found at gas stations. Of course, it is very funny to sit in the car and watch as right before your eyes huge brushes the roof and doors of your car. But this is very harmful for the paint. Sometimes there are even scratches. Yes, and the cleanliness of the car at such car washes is very conditional. There it is more likely to be rinsed. And bird droppings are also very harmful to paint. If your car was marked by a bird, don’t be too lazy to wipe it all off with at least a damp cloth.

2. Polish.

Waxing is good. In winter, hot wax is good, in summer — cold. It is advisable to cover the car with wax 1-2 times a month. And polishing is actually a very specific procedure, and high-quality abrasive polishing is expensive. The best option for polishing a car with your own hands is to cover the car with Best Turtle Waxes, you can find them on the iasecon.net website. Your car will shine and protect.

3. Vacuum cleaner and interior filter.

Don’t forget to vacuum the interior. This is also done at the car wash. And to always have fresh air in the car, do not forget to change the cabin air filter. This is already done at a car service and is inexpensive.

4. Salon.

If you have a leather salon, do not forget to use special skin care products. If you want your skin to Shine like new, use sprays or wipes, which are also sold in car shops and gas stations. If the interior is velour, it should be regularly vacuumed.

5. Mats and thresholds.

Many people forget that thresholds need to be washed. Dirty thresholds, of course, do not spoil the appearance of the car, but when you open the door, the car looks untidy. If the mats are rubber, they should be washed. If rag, then at the sink they should be knocked out and vacuumed.

6. Lights and Windows.

Even if the street is dirty and dark, do not the lights on with wet wipes. Hot headlights may become cloudy over time. If possible, you should pour water on them and lightly shake off the water with a scraper, which is also sold at all gas stations and in all car shops. In winter, for lack of water, a small amount of pure snow is quite suitable. Here you can already your hand lightly.

7. Flavorings and odor absorbers.

Now the choice of flavors is just huge, and you are free to choose any. But if suddenly something spilled in the car (for example, alcohol), then you already need to buy a smell absorber. The flavoring agent will not destroy the smell, but the scavenger will. Odor scavengers are sold in specialized auto shops. There you will be advised which absorber is better.

8. Order in the cabin.

Many ladies arrange another living room in the car. Taking into account traffic jams, this is understandable and understandable. But don’t clutter the car. It makes sense to carry only what you really need. And be sure to throw out the trash-bags, coffee cups, yogurt bottles. You yourself will be much more pleasant to sit in a clean salon, which smells of flowers or Christmas trees. Bags of food should be placed so that nothing falls out and does not roll into an inaccessible place. And water bottles rolling around the cabin can get under the brake pedal at the most dangerous moment!

9. Smoking in the car.

The ash creates a lot of trouble. In wet weather, it is sure to stick to the body if you shake it out of the window. It also falls past the ashtray if you dump the ash in the cabin. But the most unpleasant thing that can happen is the fall of an unopened cigarette butt on the seat or, worse, on the floor. So in no case do not smoke at high speed. First, you can burn the entire cabin, and secondly, it is simply dangerous. The higher the speed, the less time to maneuver.

10. Rust.

This is very bad. If you got into an accident and the car body has a chipped paint or a deep scratch, do not hesitate to take the car for painting. Well, if only the top layer of paint is damaged, but if the ground is removed, then over time (in wet weather — very quickly) this place will bloom. If you do not remove the rust on one part in time, the car risks blooming completely after a while.

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