Your car’s factory aligned your wheels to the correct alignment at the time it was manufactured. Over time, this alignment may wear down and cause your wheels become out of alignment. Every other month, a car owner who is concerned about their vehicle should have its wheels aligned. This is particularly important for your car. This will extend its life span and preserve its value.

A great vehicle owner will align their maintenance with other activities, such as changing fluids or getting an engine oil change. An alignment can be done at your oil change location. If you own a more costly vehicle, however, you’ll need to trust us or a professional to perform this task regularly.

You don’t have to be a professional at maintaining your vehicle. There are many signs that your vehicle may need to be aligned. These are the signs that your vehicle might need alignment.

Do you want to shake the wheel?

When your wheels are out of alignment, your steering wheel might vibrate or jar. If the problem is in the front tires, the problem will be evident on the upper part of the wheel. If the problem is with the rear tires, the symptoms will appear on the lower half. This can be extremely annoying and gets worse if you drive faster. Driving speeds over 60 mph can make it dangerous and even impossible. This is an obvious problem and warrants a visit to Wheel Identity.

Vehicle Draggery and Pulling

You will notice that your tires may pull in one direction or another when you drive on a straight road. This indicates that your wheels may be out of alignment. Because they don’t have the correct alignment to drive straight, off-balance wheels won’t. This can cause more problems than just wheel shaking. You could be in the path or traffic of other drivers if you drive on narrow roads. Regular maintenance can save you money and avoid costly repairs.

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