Are Cheap Truck Tires A Good Idea?

Are Cheap Truck Tires A Good Idea?

Saving money on truck tires can seem like an excellent idea at the time. If you’re trying to stretch your vehicle maintenance budget a little bit further and you’d like to replace your tires with some budget options, there are certainly a wide array of options available to you. There are certain cheap tires that can be advantageous to install but it’s very important you do your homework. Here are some tips on how you can choose the right cheap tires for your truck:

Shopping Around

Doing some comparison shopping is one of the best ways that you can save money on tires. As soon as you start to notice that your tires are worn it is a good time to begin doing comparison shopping and looking out for sales. You might have substantial sales on high-performance tires if you are able to pick and choose the time that you are purchasing a tire rather than getting it in an emergency. You might be able to see as much as a 25% discount on each wheel and this could be substantial savings.

Don’t Buy Used Tires

Even if it’s an emergency, buying used tires and wheels can be a risky process. Buying used tires could come with a number of hassles such as a bent wheel or problems with alignment. It’s hard to tell if there’s any problems with wheels just with the visual inspection, it’s also quite a hassle to have a tire unmounted so this can be a temporary fix for a problem that you are only delaying.

Do Your Research on Brands

Not all budget tires are created equal and looking into tires like Nitto, Milestar and other high-performance brands could make sure that you save money while also getting access to a tire that is comparable to larger brands like Michelin or Goodyear.

Cheap truck tires can be a good idea especially if you are willing to do your homework and start shopping early. If you’re interested in some recommendations for cheap truck tires contact us today.

This post was written by Justin K, owner of Wheel Identity and wheel specialist in Tampa. Wheel Identity is Tampa Bay’s premier custom shop. We carry wheel and tire packages for every vehicle, custom suspension kits, and all accessories for the interior or exterior of your vehicle. We only hire highly trained technicians using state of the art equipment with experience in all areas of tire, wheel, suspension, and 4×4 needs.

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