Feet-Powered Scooter Safety Tips

Feet-Powered Scooter Safety Tips

To maintain your child safe while using the a feet-powered scooter*, educate your son or daughter these safety driving tips.


To maintain your child safe on a trip, make certain your son or daughter:

1. Wears protective equipment whenever riding the scooter: head gear, thick clothing with padding in the joints, protective eye gear, highly visible or light colored clothing, and closed footwear.

2. Understands how to operate the scooter, while using controls and brake (if available).

3. Has sufficient balance so that you can push off and remain upright around the scooter on a trip.

4. Understands the significance and methods to be observant of their surroundings. Including cars in driveways, cars in the pub, pedestrians, creatures.

5. Understands general driving safety guidelines, for example to:

– Drive around the sidewalks unless of course this practice is against the law inside your condition (seek advice from your Department of motor vehicles),

– Practice safety at intersections: look for both before crossing the road, walk the scooter next door, observe traffic signs and signals, watch out for cars turning in the corners.

– Obey fundamental traffic laws and regulations, for example stopping in a stop sign or signal.

– Stop and observe before crossing a front yard having a vehicle inside it, whether or not the vehicle seems to become parked.

6. Avoids riding in the pub, unless of course it’s no traffic. Make certain your son or daughter moves rapidly aside from the road in order to the pavement whenever a vehicle approaches.

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