Private Car Towing: How To Tow A Car And Not Get A Ticket

One problem, and nothing else works. Before your car is privately towed – for example, by a friend – there are certain requirements to be observed.

The end of a long journey. Another half hour and the last kilometers are over. So, this: Suddenly, the engine shuts off and won’t start again. Is it better to call the expensive towing service or the good friend with the tow cable in the trunk? That depends on your love for your money and when you want to avoid points on your driver’s license. To read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai) about car towing, click Here.

The irregular towing of a car generates a fine. Better think a little better first, right? Whoever has to tow the vehicle can usually decide for themselves whether to hire a professional company or ask a friend for help. In addition to possible costs, you should also consider technical and legal requirements.

Private Towing: Under What Circumstances Is It Allowed?

First condition: it is an emergency, and the broken-down vehicle cannot be repaired or put into serviceable condition on site. On the other hand, an empty tank is not an emergency but an avoidable obstacle to traffic. Attention: If you stop or park on the road due to lack of fuel, you risk being fined and losing even more points.

For rope or bar towing to be legal, hazard warning lights must work and be lit throughout. In the dark, this also applies to vehicle lighting. In addition, the steering must still be intact, and if a tow rope is used, the brakes on the defective vehicle must also be intact.

Only when these conditions are met can you pull the emergency vehicle to the nearest workshop by the shortest route – but not by road. If you have your car parked on a highway or road, it must be towed and always take the next exit. If this is not possible, there is no way to avoid calling the towing company. The professional mechanic will take the broken car to the tug if necessary. This means it can also travel longer distances on the highway.

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