Some ways to not lose the car keys

Some ways to not lose the car keys

It is said and proved that intelligent people often forget little things. So, if you are in the habit of losing your Toyota car keys then consider yourself intelligent though it is a bad habit. You don’t get Toyota duplicate key every time you lose it. You need to overcome this habit of yours and become responsible with intelligent. You don’t have to do any hard work for that. You can just do the following things to find the keys.

A smart key finder might help: It is been researched that human eyes subconsciously focus automatically on the cleaner space while finding something than the area with clutter. So, if you don’t want your keys to get lost then keep your place clean. Also, buy a smart key finder to find keys quickly. You can attach it to your car keys and then see the position of it on an app on your smart phone. This is very useful then you no time to waste to go somewhere.

Think with a calm mind: It is frustrating to lose the car keys every now and then but frustration is not going to get the keys for you. When you find out that you are not having the keys, then, first of all stop panicking and take a deep breath. Relax your mind and rethink. Close your eyes and memorize the location, what the time it was, what stuff were you doing and how were you feeling. This is called context reinstatement. 

This is something advised to the witnesses of crime. This helps a lot in remembering. You will remember the place you went and what work you have done at those places. This can recall where you have kept the keys. If still you don’t remember then start checking every place you went one by one. Check twice or thrice if still you don’t get the keys then call for professional help.

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