True car Wash Options for You Now

True car Wash Options for You Now

Whether you use it for bathing, washing your hair or accessories, the cleaning virtues of shampoo are well established. It is on the strength of this legendary utility that it is also one of the key elements in the range of cleaning products for the automotive world. The shampoos for car, you’ve probably already heard about and maybe use. You can choose the best car shampoo there.

But are you using the most suitable for your car?

Are you using it effectively? 

We go over these questions and many more in this dedicated article. Get ready to see your preconceived ideas on the subject getting shampooed.

Why use car shampoo?

Although seemingly innocuous, this question is relevant and important when considering the daily use of detergents or other soap solutions.

The importance of a specific product

In fact, from dishwashing liquid to hair shampoos, including car cleaning products, there is a very varied range of substances with soapy effects available on the shelves of supermarkets. So, why necessarily opt for a shampoo specific to cars, when there are many others designed to clean?

Many give in to the temptation to use any type of product to clean their bodywork. A trivialization which is not without consequence, since despite its soapy nature, any detergent could not correspond to washing your car. Although having a cleaning and degreasing effect, the use of these types of products dries up your paint while gradually causing it to age. Neglecting the use of car shampoos exposes you to damage which is revealed over time, especially for a shiny paint.

The advantage of a specific product

So the best thing is to always opt for a special product and adapted to the car. A product of this type would play the role to which it is assigned, while respecting the characteristics of its support. A good cleaner will therefore have the advantage of ridding the car of the dirt that clutters it, without attacking the paint or the layer of wax protecting it.

Washing a sports car with foaming shampoo

How to choose your car shampoo?

To find the ideal product, keep in mind these two categories of criteria.

Components and typology

There are a multitude of car shampoos. In addition to the differences that characterize them, they generally contain:

  • wax to enhance shine.
  • a concentrated liquid based on a foaming agent.

However, there are non-polishing and non-waxing products, but with a strong cleaning power. There are also softer products, with or without a shining agent, but without a waxing effect. Finally, there are also products intended to clean and enhance the shine of your bodywork: these are cleaners with both polishing and waxing effects. Taking inspiration from these three descriptions of car cleaning products, we can distinguish more generally:

High-shine polishing shampoos

While the former are used more traditionally, the latter are suitable for a more specific use because of the impact of their effect.

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