Vaughan Wedding Limo: Top Wedding Transportation For A Comfy Ride

Vaughan Wedding Limo: Top Wedding Transportation For A Comfy Ride

Your wedding day can only be the best that Vaughan Wedding Limo can offer. If you’re interested in hiring classic wedding automobiles, go for the most classic limo for your convenience. The wedding party and guests will remember a vehicle that is unique, fashionable, elegant, retro, classic, or sporty. You have the option of going with something more traditional or something more adventurous, such as a luxury or performance historic Vaughan Wedding Limo that is sure to turn heads.

When should your Vaughan Wedding Limo transportation be booked?

It is time to think about travel if you’ve been there for three to 6 months, especially when the date, ceremony and reception places and the size of your marriage party are long overdue. When you marry high-quality vehicles in April, May or June – the promotion season and the graduation period – you will have to book your journey even before you start to book. Pro advice: make the final booking in person so that you may check and ask which of the Vaughan Wedding Limos you’re going to have.

Who do you think you should transport?

Your first step is to provide the immediate family and VIPs with a headcount. For many marriages, this implies the couple, their wedding party, their parents, their siblings and grandparents, and not their wedding parties. Some couples may provide wedding services for families nearby, outsiders or all guests. Where are you drawing the line, then? The decision is probably on budget, but you should also take the following into consideration:


You’re in the clear if your ceremony and reception sites are only a short distance apart. However, if they’re more than 30 minutes apart, you should strongly consider providing transportation for all wedding guests so they aren’t inconvenienced by Uber fees and long, exhausting journeys. Other distances to consider include the miles between your wedding venue(s) and the hotel where you’ve reserved room blocks.

Special needs

Consider anyone who might normally struggle to get about and plan a trip for them—for example, asking your brother to pick up your 90-year-old grandmother who isn’t used to driving. You can still throw a bone to specific guests even if you opt not to book transportation for them. Include information about public transportation in your wedding invitation suite or on your wedding website.

This can contain information such as where to hail a cab, phone numbers for (reliable!) local providers, and pricing estimates for each alternative. Also, check with the hotels where you’ve booked rooms to see whether they offer any kind of airport shuttle service; if they do, make sure to inform your guests, and then tick another item off your to-do list!

What is the best way for everyone to get there and back?

Aside from your walk down the aisle, there are three options to consider: the travel to the ceremony, the ride between the ceremony and the reception (if they’re not in the same location), and the getaway. Before you book Vaughan Wedding Limo, you’ll need to figure out who needs to go where.

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